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“Konsum Global” a digital apartment walk

The “Konsum Global city walk” is now available in digital form as an apartment walk via an online seminar.

Introduction/ contextualization

In our globalized world we can get everything we want at any time. This is made possible by a global network involving parties who exploit the natural resources, others that operate in further processing or manufacturing of consumer goods and finally trading companies that bring the final products in our supermarkets.

  • Which advantages and disadvantages result from this economic system?
  • What do low prices imply for humans and for the ecosystem?

With this digital walk we aim to raise awareness for these global interdependencies and encourage the participants to try out already existing alternatives.
For further studies of the issue of globalization and consumption, we recommend our course ” The world’s good(s)”.

Target group Adolescents and young adults 12 years and older as well as other interested parties
connection to framework curriculum, subjects studied subjects studied: geography, interdisciplinary biology, religion, arts, history; connection to framework curriculum: globalization, global problems, live and economy in different regions
Duration 2 to 3 hours
Leaders Two qualified young adults of the initiative KonsumGlobalRostock (KonGloRI)
costs mind. 20€

Version 1

stuff like videos, worksheets and a handout for the different tasks or an actionbound can be downloaded. After the independent walk through the apartment, an interactive online seminar withe the Konsum Global Rostock Initiative can take place.

Version 2

An online seminar featured by the Konsum Global Rostock Initiative as a walk trough the apartment can take place (Duration: 2 to 3 hours).


  • share sheets and positioning
  • digital C02 calculator
  • find/ count X inyour apartment
  • votes
  • groupwork
  • working out phases
  • crossword…

­After a short introduction containing main themes like e.g. globalization, 1-2 topics (food, handy, jeans, from cosmetics to toothpaste…..more: work in progress) will be discussed with the participants. In the end possible options for action will be captured, discussed and tested.

technical requirements

  • PC/ laptop/ tablet…. with camera/ microphone and a stable internet link.
  • At first the online seminar takes place in/ via zoom software.
  • participants can also take part via smartphone, but of course the onscreen is very small and working with that is not really comfortable.
  • with pc/ laptop an installation isn’t required, against this with smartphone/ tablet an installation is required
  • the online link of the zoom meeting in the virtual rooms will be send opportune via email