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App: “(In-)visible Rostock”

Educational city tours about history and present of the Hanse town

The app “(In-)visible Rostock” gives new and fascinating insights into different chapters of the history of the town.

Interested parties can follow traces of colonial rule and thereby try to start understanding colonial past and its lasting impact on the present. How does colonialism today become visible through colonial references? How do we remember the past? What is remembered and what is left behind? What have cacao and memorials in common?

Prospective, “(In-)visible Rostock” will not only cover colonialism. The city tours “Rostock under the swastika”, “Rostock Lichtenhagen” and “Konsum Global Rostock” are in progress and will give more opportunities to deal with the history and present of Rostock.

Download the app here: (you can use it either find it in google playstore or use it as web app)