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“Konsum Global” in Rostock – a city walk

Introduction/ contextualization

In our globalized world we can get everything we want at any time. This is made possible by a global network involving parties who exploit the natural resources, others that operate in further processing or manufacturing of consumer goods and finally trading companies that bring the final products in our supermarkets.

  • Which advantages and disadvantages result from this economic system?
  • What do low prices imply for humans and for the ecosystem?

With this city walk we aim to raise awareness for these global interdependencies and encourage the participants to try out already existing alternatives.
For further studies of the issue of globalization and consumption, we recommend our course ” The world’s good(s)”.

Target groupAdolescents and young adults 12 years and older as well as other interested parties
Group size6 to 20 paricipants
Duration2 to 3 hours
Charge for courseRegular 20 €; individual solutions, such as donations possible
Booking6 weeks before the desired date
PlaceCity centre of Rostock
Meeting placeNeuer Markt vor der Post
LEadersTwo qualified young adults of the initiative KonsumGlobalRostock (KonGloRI)


To illustrate each topic, we visit different places/shops in Rostock which are related to the respective issue. The selected shops should be considered as representatives.
Available stations:

  • Jeans and their journey to our shops
  • Cosmetics in our everyday lives
  • Mobile phones/electronic devices
  • Meat – Mc Donald’s & co
  • Plastics/packaging
  • Fair trade & chocolate – this station is part of each city walk and usually the final point



By a combination of selected methods (e.g. positioning, memory, group work) we encourage non-discriminatory and conscious interactions between the participants. They can practice their capacities for teamwork, such as equal communication behavior or grassroot approaches towards an equal participation of everyone. Intentionally, we reduce head-on teaching methods. As a result, concentration can be kept longer on a high level. Moreover, self-learning approaches and contents which are associated with own experiences will achieve more sustainable learning effects.

Notes on booking

Notes on booking:

Please contact us 6 weeks in advance, if you want to book a seminar. This enables us to realize your requested date. For booking, please send us an e-mail including following information:

  • Usually we deal with two issues. Please tell us your favorites.
  • How many participants are to be expected?
  • How old are the participants?
  • To what extent can we expect prior knowledge?
  • Do you want to embed the walk into a broader context, such as project days or a day of excursion?

Hint: As it can get cold during winter months, we recommend extra warm clothing.

The initiative Konsum Global Rostock

The initiative Konsum Global Rostock

The KonsumGlobalRostockInitiative (shortcut KonGloRI) is shaped by a group of young adults. They conduct the city walks, develop new stages and refresh the different methods. You can meet the initiative e.g. at the “Klima Aktionstag”in Rostock.

They work closely with the entwicklungspolitischen Projekt of Soziale Bildung e.V..

Glimpse in the work of the initiative

Also in 2019 the Klimaaktionstag (KAT) took place. With 59 other groups KonGloRI was there. You can read more in the article here: Beitrag zum Klimaaktionstag.

KonGloRI auf dem Klimaaktionstag 2019