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Escape today – save tomorrow

Introduction – contextualization
Since 2018 a new education program has been developed, which focuses on climate change.
Some initial experience has been gathered with test groups in different test phases, in order to start the Escape Room program in March 2020. After playing the room, the group will reflect the contents of the room in order to reach a deeper understanding of the contents. The topics are the global economy and either privatization of water or air pollution. Each topic contains references to climate change.
The Escape Room program is accomplished and can already be booked.
Target group: Teenagers and young adults from the age of 14/14 years and over, school classes from grade 9 and over and other interested people

Group  Adolescents and young adults aged 15 years and over (9th grade) as well as other interested parties
Group size between 10 and 27 participants
Duration minimum 4 hours
Charge 20 € per group
Booking 6 weeks in advance
Leader a team of two young and qualified adults
Area Rostock




The learning methods are experience-oriented. They are supposed to give the participants an understanding of different aspects of climate change. The participants will deal with topics like economy and the social system emotionally and content related.



The room as core of the concept, contains different puzzles, which are distributed in a room. This room is located in a place, which was specially designed for the Escape Room program.
The Escape Room is framed by introductory methods, a summary and an evaluation of the Escape Room. An overall evaluation of the project will be affiliated to in-depth discussions of the contents. Depending on the particular demand of the group, different topics will be discussed, for example:

  • Sensitization for dimensions, causes and consequences of climate change
  • Correlation between the economic and the social system
  • Experience and develop possible actions, which are closely related to the reality of the young participants



The Escape Room as a method constitutes an experience-oriented entry into the topics of this educational concept. The participants experience the dynamics within a (closed) room of riddles in small groups (max. three persons). Group dynamics like teambuilding, communication and negotiation processes will be exercised together through solving problems in form of different types of riddles.
After playing the room, there will be a short emotional evaluation. In addition, the specific topics and options for action will be discussed in detail, as a group..

Notes on booking

Notes on booking:

Please contact us six weeks in advance, if you want to book an Escape Room. This enables us to realize your requested date. To book the Escape Room, please write an email including the following information:

  • What is your preferred date?
  • How many participants are you expecting?
  • How old/which grade are the participants?
  • Do the participants already have knowledge regarding the content?
  • Do you have special needs/demands that should be considered?