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The development policy education project at Soziale Bildung e.V.

On the occasion of local needs for action, the first concepts for globalization-critical education were developed at Soziale Bildung e.V. in 2007. For more than 10 years now, the content has been continuously expanded and adapted to the current needs for dialogue and action. At present the project is focused on the main topics of social inequality, globalization & consumption, diversity & migration, flight and (post)colonial responsibility.

“(Post)Colonial Responsibility and Development Policy-Related Learning in Experience-Oriented Formats”

The 3-year old project (2018 to 2020) enables multipliers, specialized on commitment to development policy, to develop and conduct several education formats. The education formats (project days, seminars, city tours, the app) are designed in accordance with the respective development policy topics (mentioned above) and target groups.

The development education project is in close cooperation with two initiatives. These include the Konsum Global Rostock Initiative (KonGloRI) founded in 2009 and the Rostock Initiative Rostock Postkolonial founded in 2017.

According to those, the contents of the development policy education project are realized in project days, seminars, city tours and trainings for young people and adults, and from 2020 on, additionally in an escape room.